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There are private company investors and then there are private company builders – we are your partners to build.

Who’s Interro?

Interro Partners is a Chicago-based firm that invests in and proactively supports businesses which have a 5-year track record of stable cash left over after all expenses have been paid and necessary reinvestments have been made.

Interro works with owners to form a plan for the future, which balances the company’s needs with our long-term goals. We focus on creating opportunities that work for existing owners as well as current and future employees and management.

The Team

Joe Rizzi

Transaction & Investment

Greg Janes

Growth & Operations

We change ?’s into !’s

Our Mandate

Hands on

Interro is more than a holding company. We look for companies where there is opportunity for our team of experts to be active and provide value to help grow the business.

Humble collaboration

Egos are not part of our team – ever. Enjoy the people you work with and find ways to play a non-zero-sum game.

Domain agnostic

There are lots of skills and expertise that apply horizontally across sectors. We seek to create partnerships where there is mutual benefit and value-add.

Less is more

Keeping things simple and straightforward is in our blood.

Aligned capital

We have dedicated, long-term capital so management can focus entirely on creating stakeholder value without concern for an end of fund life. Interro principals invest significant financial and human capital themselves.

Cautious innovation

Making changes too quickly or chasing the newest fad can add too much risk. We can help your business accomplish new milestones with the help of enabling technology and efficient capital utilization.

Stability is key

Both in terms of previous business performance and planning for the transition, continuity is key to ensuring the company is successful post-transaction.

Investment Criteria

Business Characteristics

  • Company size: $1M – $5M EBITDA
  • Transaction size: $4M – $12M
  • Margins: 10%+
  • Management: Founder and / or key managers in place that we can support to grow the business
  • Geography: U.S.
  • Demonstrated history of positive cash flow and profitability

Transaction Types

All transactions types will necessitate an Interro controlling position:

  • Family successions
  • Management buyouts
  • Re-capitalizations
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Complex & special situations


4100 N Bell Ave #1
Chicago, IL 60618


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